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A qualified resume

Today it is common knowledge that the first piece of information that catches the eye of every employer and creates an overall impression of the candidate is, of course, the CV.

Strange as it may seem, this simple piece of paper with a summary of previous work experience usually determines your chances of getting an employer interested in your candidacy.

It would seem there's nothing simpler than taking a template sample online and turning on your imagination. Except that, more often than not, as you rastetsya thought on a tree, then back to gather all your clever phrases into one whole in A4 format and can not be done. And it's not a fact that by taking a completely illiterate, misshapen and unstructured template you'll be able to create your ideal CV.

Of course, you can read a lot of equally clever tips on how to write a resume. You can read a dime-a-dozen of these on job sites, but it's highly questionable whether they're error-free and truthful. However, you will have a pun in your head not only because of the lack of thought, but because of all the advisers, who often can not come to a common rule of writing a resume, because each of them recommends something different.

As a result of long and painful conclusions, meaningless attempts to put words into sentences or twist them so cleverly that no one will guess what the candidate tried to write about, real masterpieces are born - anecdotes and whole extracts of funny phrases from the resume, which are still long laughed at, not only by HR stuff, but also by the masses of people.

To date, not all applicants have realized the significance and relevance of the ability to competently compose a resume. After all, with that, as they say, "what is written with a pen, you can't cut down and with an axe", will be evaluated the professional and personal qualities of the candidate and, of course, compliance with the position for which he claims.

But there is an even more modern service, and that is On this service you can always find answers to the following questions:

  • How to competently and accurately write a resume that will attract the attention of the employer?
  • What criteria must your resume meet?
  • Where and how do I place it?
  • In what form and format to write a cover letter?
  • How to promote your resume?
  • How should you conduct yourself during an interview?
  • What questions, how to answer them?

Without a doubt, our number one choice for a quality CV is

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